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How You Can Start, Build, Manage, or Turn Around Any Business!

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By: Brian Tracy

Discover how you can catapult your business success to new, more profitable levels while avoiding all the mistakes, pitfalls and failures most entrepreneurs suffer through…

How You Can Start, Build, Manage, or Turn Around A


Here's why most businesses fail:

  1. Lack of money – you don't have enough to get started and grow

  2. Lack of knowledge – you don't know what you're doing

  3. Lack of support – you're not able to get the support of other people and sell them on your ideas

8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions

Successful Business Owners Follow the Leader


Once you discover the simple secrets to business management success you will become a leader yourself. Smart business people realize there are laws of business success. Its simple, just follow the rules and win. But the rules always change.

What doesn’t change is the most important quality you need to succeed. Your attitude!


Excerpt from "Developing Self-Discipline for Starting Your Own Business" – included in package...

By: Brian Tracy

Special Disciplines

To start and build your own successful business you need special disciplines; disciplines that are practiced by all successful entrepreneurs and self-made business millionaires. You can either learn and practice these disciplines early in your entrepreneurial career or you can learn and practice them later.

Estee Lauder: 15 Rules for Success

Sooner or later you must become knowledgeable and skilled in each of these seven areas if you are going to build a successful enterprise. And the longer it takes you to master these seven areas, the longer it will take and the more it will cost, before you eventually achieve your financial and business goals.

The first discipline is the discipline of market analysis. This is where most entrepreneurs fail. They start off with a great idea, and often don't want to tell anybody about it; for fear that someone will steal their idea. So they go off half-cocked into the marketplace with a product or service that has not been thought through properly and they are amazed when it fails.

The fact is that people are far too busy to steal your idea. 99 out of 100 new business ideas fail anyway. People who are operating their own businesses are far, far too busy to have even a minute of time to "steal" your idea, whatever it is.

Ask People's Opinion

In fact, if you have an idea for a product or service in a particular industry, you should go to someone who is already in that industry and ask for their opinion. If you are really smart, you will get in touch with as many people in that industry as possible and lay out your idea to them in full and ask for their candid comments.

What you are looking for is "negative thinking." A negative thinker is someone who will point out the holes and flaws in your plan. If you cannot patch the holes or fix the flaws in your plan for a new business, that is probably a pretty good indicator that your business is not going to succeed.

To your continued success!

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