Model of a Team Leader


By: Richard Winfield



Richard Winfield, Founder of The Brefi Group, lists the following characteristics of a model  Team Leader:

  • Know everything keep on top of your brief and your subject knowledge gets respect

  • Have clear timelines

  • Give positive feedback in front of others

  • Have a laugh

  • Delegate very, very important don't take on too much it gets no-one anywhere

Winning Team: 7 Elements

  • Daily stand-up meetings 2 minutes every morning so everyone knows where they are

  • Weekly retro meetings feedback on what we can improve every week and make sure it is acted upon

  • Don't stand for any rubbish

  • Listen but in the end it is your head on the block so make let them know it is a good idea but that this time you opt for option...

  • Support them with tasks whenever they have a problem giving them another resource or working with them

  • Make weak workers work with stronger ones

  • Don't vanish to meetings without letting others know

  • Try and make sure the team gets allocated tasks that they will perform well at helps you and them i.e. fight their corner.



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