How To Create Amazingly Seductive Offers
Only a Moron Could Resist!


Dan Lok




Whip It Up #2

Overload Your Prospects With Bonuses

If you really want to give your readers and hot-foot and send them running to place an order, beef up your offer with high-perceived-value bonuses…

How valuable should the bonus be? Your prospect should feel that he/she will be rewarded with 2, 5, 10, or 20 times the value of the cost of the main item.




I was watching TV the other night and was absolutely glued to the information that was on…

Okay, stop laughing. For your information, I like to watch infomercials MUCH more than regular shows… they’re just awesome…and the learning opportunity is unbelievable. (And I've even scored a few great products through the years, too!)

Anyway, I was watching the Ronco Six Star Cutlery infomercial… And Ron Popeil, the father of all pitchmen -- Pocket Fisherman, is a personal favorite -- was pitching his Showtime knife set (carefully, of course, so as not to cut anyone!)…

Pitchmaster Ron was talking about how you can get the Showtime knife for only 3 easy payments of $13.33… (I said to myself… that’s a little pricey, but I know there's a ton more goodies coming, so I waited… Okay Ron, show me what you got!)

And then, of course, Ron said, “But wait, there’s more!”

Ron promised: "You’ll also get the Carving knife… you’ll get the Large Filet knife… you’ll get the Bread and Bagel knife… you’ll get the Bread and Bagel knife… you’ll get the Chef's knife… you’ll get the saw knife… you’ll the boning knife… you’ll get the sportsman’s knife… you’ll get the chop n’ server knife… all for only for only 3 easy payments of $13.33!"

(You feel the urge the pick up the phone and just dial the number yourself, don't you?)

But wait, there’s EVEN MORE! That Ron Popeil is a "black belt" in the "Bonus Arts"!

"You’ll also get the Cheese knife…." says Ron. "You’ll get the cleaver… you’ll the carving fork… you’ll get the utility knife… you’ll get the paring knife… you’ll get the garnishing knife… you’ll get the poultry sheers plus you’ll GET 8 friggin’ steak knives… ALL FOR ONLY 3 easy payments of $13.33!!!

"Good heavens, haven't you picked up the phone yet? You must hurry up because there’s only 2 minutes left… 1:59… 1:58… 1:57… 1:56… hurry up, time is running out, so start dialing and order NOW."

Well, I am teasing you a bit… this isn't exactly Ron's pitch… But you get the idea, right?

A Bonus on Bonuses: whenever you add bonuses to your offer… you must work just as hard selling the bonuses as you do selling your product or service!




We talked earlier about the best bonuses having a high perceived-value. That doesn't happen by magic. You must build the value in the mind of your prospects… tell them the worth -- financial (tangible) and emotional -- of EACH bonus item and what’s special about them individually and collectively…

Back to Ron and his Showtime knife...

After he's described in the bonuses in extensive and colorful detail, now Ron has got an amazing offer to share. He's not just selling a bunch of knives for $42 bucks. No way! He's offering you a $852.75 value for only 3 easy payments of $13.33.

By factoring in the enormous combined value of the bonuses, Ron makes it seem as though you're getting the original product for free… and then some!

And here's the beauty part: you can pretty much set the value at any reasonable level you like. What you paid for the bonus doesn't matter…

What matters is the worth of the bonus to the consumer. So can you see how much more “convincing” your offer becomes when you assign a specific value to your bonuses?










Whip It Up #3 – Make Your Offer As Risk-Free As Possible

"Doubting Thomas" is a Biblical figure… the Apostle who would not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he saw Jesus with his own eyes. But "Doubting Thomas" is also with us today, thousands of years later, alive and well and living in the hearts of consumers, both male and female.

Today, based on centuries of past experience, your prospects are very skeptical of sales offers. They don't trust the offer and they don't trust you. They’ve been burned too many times before. They’re afraid of making a bad decision.

Most importantly, they’re afraid of making a mistake. Very often, the fear of making a mistake is exactly is what prevents people from buying. So acknowledge that fear… face it head on… and then blow it out of the water by taking the risk off the shoulders of your prospect.

If you can turn the risk of loss from your prospects to yourself -- if you can say to consumers, "I'm the loser if you don't like what you ordered because I'll refund every penny you paid" -- you'll both end up winners.

Lots of offers have a "money back guarantee" and that takes away some of the risk. But, if you really want to explode a consumer's doubt, make your offer better than risk-free.

Here are two risk-removing offers. Which one gets your vote… in dollars?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. “Every one of our Widget Executive Pen and Pencil Sets comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find that you're writing better, writing faster, and writing neater with your Widget… if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason… simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.”

Lifetime Guarantee. “Every one of our Widget Executive Pen and Pencil Sets comes with a lifetime guarantee on the mechanics. Should your pen or pencil ever develop mechanical problems simply return it and we'll replace it with a new one. You have nothing to lose so order now...”

That lifetime guarantee is pretty powerful stuff isn’t it? Let's you envision yourself writing away happily for the rest of your days on earth.

Kinda makes you feel “safe” to order now, doesn’t it? So there you have it, the "easy as 1-2-3" ways to create an amazingly seductive offer no one person can refuse! They'll be calling you the Svengali of the Market in no time!

Remember though… use your powers for good!



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