25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Jack Welch, legendary business leader and CEO of  GE, created the World's most competitive enterprise



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25 Lessons from Jack Welch Smart Executive Managerial Leadership GE (case study) Jack Welch (success story) Lead Manage Less Articulate Your Vision Simplify Get Less Formal Energize Others Face Reality See Change as an Opportunitiy Get Good Ideas from Everywhere Follow Up Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements Get Rid of Bureaucracy Eliminate Boundaries Put Values First Cultivate Leaders Create Learning Culture Employee Empowerment Involve Everyone Make Everybody a Team Player Stretch Instill Confidence Make Business Fun Strategies of Market Leaders Be Number 1 or Number 2 Live Quality Constantly Focus on Innovation Live Speed Behave Like a Small Company Case Studies BUSINESS e-COACH: global success 1000ventures.com 25 Lessons from Jack Welch

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