Strategy Formulation

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT): Questions To Answer

Copyright by Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond.

Reprinted from the book Teambuilding That Gets Results with permission of its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc. (800-432-7444)

Linda Eve Diamond

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond are the authors of several business and educational books. Harriet founded Diamond Associates in 1985, a successful training and consulting company. Linda Eve developed and delivered many of the company's communication and teambuilding programs. Harriet retired from business, but continues to share her expertise through writing. Linda is now a freelance writer focusing on business, educational and self-help books.

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Answer the following questions in each category. than think of additional SWOT statements specific to you and your business. To gain an even broader picture, once you complete the SWOT Analysis, run through it again as though you are one of your competitors. Obviously, you will have less inside information on this perspective, but flipping the point of view to another business owner with a different set of apparent strengths and weaknesses might give you some interesting insights. Keep your answers short, simple, specific, and realistic.



  • What can be improved?

  • In what areas do your competitors have the edge?

  • What necessary expertise / manpower do you currently lack?

  • Do you have cash flow problems?

  • Are you relying primarily on just a few clients or customers?

  • Additional weaknesses



  • What obstacles do you face?

  • What is the competition doing that you're not?

  • What challenges can be turned into opportunities?

  • Are external economic forces affecting your bottom line?

  • Additional threats


Did you consider...?

The following might be strengths or weaknesses for you. If you have not included them in your SWOT Analysis, consider  if and where they should be added: location; web presence; company image; quality; service; pricing.

The following are additional items to consider, if you haven't, as potential opportunities or threats: price wars; technology shifts; mergers (your or a competitor's merger opportunities, plans, or progress); joint ventures (your or a competitor's joint venture opportunities, plans, or progress)