Project Management

Project Management: GREAT Model

Goals, Roles, Expectations, Accountabilities, Timing

By: Michael S. Dobson

the author of Project Management How To Manage People, Processes, and Time and Achieve the Results You Need

To make your project team function effectively, the first thing you need to know is the GREAT model.




Expectations / Performance

Accountabilities / Abilities


10 Key Project Leader Skills

The GREAT model specifies what people must know before they can work together effectively.


Project Management: Two Approaches

What are the goals of the project?

What is the goal of each individual activity?

Why are we doing this?


What is my job as an individual team member?

What do I do?

What is the contribution I am expected to make?

What expertise do I bring to the situation?

What is everyone else's role and everyone else's expected contribution?


Project Management: Business Synergies Approach

How good is "good enough"?

What is the level of performance that is desired?

What level of performance is not desired?

Why are the expectations set at this level as opposed to another?

Accountabilities / Abilities

Who is accountable for each phase of the work, especially on jobs that cut across functional lines or involve several people?

What abilities do we possess that have a hearing on the individual job assignments?


When must this be done?

At what pace am I to work?

How does the timing of one piece of the work affect other pieces?








Project Management

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Milestone-based Thinking

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