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Management Function vs. Process Focus

Focus on Process rather than Management functions

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Leadership vs. Management


Today’s acute shortage of “skilled-people” requires that Leadership focuses on Process rather than Management functions

Don’t assume:

Do accept:

Employees are the problem

Process is the problem

Problem Solving Strategies



Inspiring People: 4 Strategies

I’m doing my job

I’m helping others to get things done

I understand my job

How my job fits the big picture

I’m measuring individuals

I’m measuring processes

You can change the person

You can change the process

Continuous Improvement Mindset

Finding a better employee

Improving the process

You’ll motivate people

You’ll remove process barriers

I can control employees

I am developing people


I don’t trust anyone

We’re all in this together

Put Values First

Who made that error?

What allowed it to occur?

Turn Problems To Opportunities

I correct mistakes

I reduce variations

We’re Bottom Line Driven

We’re Customer Driven

Value Innovation




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