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Wise Listening 360: Three Levels

Yin-Yang of Effective Listening

  1. Mentally put yourself in other person’s shoes.

  2. Keep the conversation on what the speaker says, not on what interests you.

  3. Spend more time listening than talking.

Yin and Yang of Communication

  1. Let the speaker talk. Do not dominate the conversation and do not interrupt incessantly.

  2. Pay attention, never become preoccupied with your own thoughts when others talk, take brief notes to concentrate on what is being said.

  3. Do not finish the sentence of others.

  4. Ask questions, but do not answer questions with questions.

  5. Be aware of biases and perceptions. Control your biases and validate your assumptions.

Wise Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts

10 Great Communication Quotes

  1. Encourage the speaker, provide feedback and paraphrase to show you are listening.

  2. Plan responses after the other person has finished speaking, not while they are speaking.

  3. Analyze by looking at all the relevant factors, ask clarifying and open-ended questions.

  4. Summarize – walk the person through your analysis.







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