Business Skills

Corporate Leader


Think Like a Successful Long-term CEOs


Adapted from Executive Churn by Roger Conway, Michael Campbell and Corey Criswell

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CEOs that stay put and continue to drive organizational success demonstrate their value in many ways. You, too, can showcase your value by following these strategies of long-term CEOs:

Focus on results. What can you show that demonstrates tangible results and solid success? Be able to offer strategies and recommendations for improvement in areas outside your current scope, too.

Results-based Leadership

Know what you stand for. Get clear on the values and beliefs that drive your leadership style and your thinking. How have those factors influenced your behavior as a Leader ?

Rally the troops. Given the complexity of doing business on today's global playing field, the ability to marshal focus around a clear vision is critical. Can you successfully rally an organization around a common cause?

Emphasize relationships. Make it a point to build and improve work relationships. Gain skills that allow you to work well with all key stakeholders.