Change Management

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8 Stage Change Process

and 8 Common Errors in Organizational Change Efforts

By: John Kotter, the author of
What Leaders Really Do





Yin-Yang of Change Management

The 8 Stage Change Process

Defrost a hardened status quo:

① Establish a sense of urgency

② Create the guiding coalition

③ Develop a vision and strategy

④ Communicate the change vision

Introduce new practices:

Empower a broad base of people to take action

Generate short term wins

Consolidate gains and producing even more change

Ground the changes in the culture, and making them stick:

⑧ Institutionalize new approaches in the corporate culture

Why Change Fails

8 Common Errors in Organizational Change Efforts

❶ Allowing too much complacency

❷ Failing to create a sufficiently powerful guiding coalition

❸ Underestimating the power of vision

❹ Undercommunicating the vision

❺ Permitting obstacles to block the vision

❻ Failing to create short term wins

❼ Declaring victory too soon

❽ Neglecting to anchor changes firmly in the corporate culture.




Change Management


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