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Infopreneur Defined

Infopreneur is a person whose primary business is gathering, creating, and marketing and/or selling electronic information.


You are a unique expert at something. You know something other people don't know. So if you have entrepreneurial spirit, you can identify entrepreneurial opportunities, create hot information products, launch your infropreneur business, and generate tremendous income from your info products.


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Information Products You Can Create


Blogs How to make money from your blog

OUTSTANDING Stories 7 Questions to Answer

E-books, E-zines, Special reports

E-coaching, E-teaching, Workbooks, Tips booklets

Training courses, Computer-based training (CBT)

Teleseminars and workshop

Audio recordings and video / DVD programs

Individually designed products

Key Questions To Answer

What great value do you want to create for your readers?

How will you create this value?

How will you market your product?

Why and how will people buy your product?