What Does Creativity Brings To Your Life?

Summary of the interview of Linda Dessau with 17 creative artists




3 Pillars of Inspiration

Entrepreneurial Creativity


Creative Problem Solving

Turn Problems Into Opportunities


  • Creativity brings adventure, affects your whole life and what's "out there".  It brings a sense of exploration and spontaneity. Creativity effects all parts of your life, giving you unique problem solving opportunities and energizing your relationships.

  • Creativity brings opportunities for self-discovery of what's "in here". It brings heightened awareness and increased ability to understand yourself.

  • Creativity brings connections to people, both in and out of your "tribe". Feel understood when you are around other creative people and enjoy sharing this gift with others.

  • Creativity brings a spiritual connection, wonder, a soulful experience, and a connection to something larger than yourself.

  • Creativity brings an awakening, a jarring, a sense of delicious discomfort. It brings a discontinuity to your life. There is always something more to learn. A creative idea who's execution is out of your reach because your skills haven't caught up to it yet keeps you going.

  • Creativity brings a return to home, a "normalcy". It helps you live and experience your true self.

  • Creativity brings a sense of self-worth and identity. It brings a reward, satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. Creativity celebrates the fact that you are different, by showing you a sense of purpose and a sense of your uniqueness.

  • Creativity heals you Some of the therapeutic benefits of creativity include relaxation, centeredness, possibility, hope and connection with self. Creativity lifts your from your sorrows and is a way to translate your hopes & feelings.

  • Creativity brings happiness, energy and power. Creativity is energizing, revitalizing, uplifting and motivating. It gives you joy, the impetus to push further, and a sense of power. It helps re-ignite your passion for your work and excites you into courageous action.