Recommended Books


The Key To Japan's Competitive Strategy


By: Masaaki Imai


For the professional manager or student of management, a comprehensive handbook of 16 Kaizen  management practices that can be put to work. KAIZEN uses more than 100 examples in action and contains 15 corporate case studies.



  Kaizen: 7 Conditions for Successful Implementation


CIF - Continuous Improvement Firm (Smart & Fast Mini-course)


Kaizen Mindset

Quick and Easy Kaizen

Successful Implementation of Kaizen Strategy: 7 Conditions

Kaizen and Total Quality Management (TQM)

Japanese-style Suggestion System

10 Commandments of Improvement

Glossary Kaizen & Lean Production

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)

Canon Production System (CPS)

9 Wastes and 6 Guidelines of the Suggestion System

Competitive Advantage: USA vs. Japan


Case Studies

Fidelity Investments: Practicing Kaizen

Lean Production

10 Kaikaku Commandments

Toyota Production System (TPS)

The Toyota Way: 14 Principles

Toyota's 10 Management Principles

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Deming's 14 Point Plan for Total Quality Management

14 Slogans for TQM at Pentel, Japan

  Ten3 Mini-Courses

Synergizing Business Processes (60 slides)

Synergizing Value Chain (200 slides)