SMART INNOVATION mini-course - complete list of slides at SMART Innovation (e-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint presentation download)


125 Slides +

125 half-page Executive Summaries


Five Chapters

1. Innovation as a Key To Success

2. Innovation Strategies

3. Innovative Organization

4. Innovation Processes

5. Innovative People



Includes case studies and lessons from



Charles Schwab








Procter & Gamble

SMART Innovation

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PowerPoint file

Sample Slides


Top 6 Barriers To Innovation Success Motivation Quotes WINNING CUSTOMERS (mini-course) Innovation System Entrepreneurial Leadership Leading Innovation In-Company Ventures INNOVARSITY - Free Online Innovation University Innovation Failure Reasons: Top 6 Barriers To Innovation Success


Corporate Innovation System Organization and People Innovation Culture Leading Innovation Strategic Alignment Innovation Metrics Innovation Process Corporate Innovation Management System


Creating a Culture for Innovation: 5 Strategies INSPIRING CORPORATE CULTURE (mini-course) Innovation Vision Quotes Innovation Leader Quotes Opportunity Quotes The JAZZ of INNOVATION (mini-course) Harnessing Cultural Intelligence (mini-course) Cross-pollination of Ideas Innovation System Idea Management Building Synergies Culture of Questioning The Tao of Employee Empowerment Risk Taking Quotes Experimentation Quotes Reward Systems The Fun Factor Culture for Innovation


125 Slides + 125 half-page Executive Summaries


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