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Business Success: Business Tree

Winning Corporate Visions and Cultures
Corporate vision plays two roles – directional and motivational. The most effective visions are those that inspire, usually asking employees for the best, the most or the greatest. Keep stretch in your vision, communicate it constantly, and keep linking the events of today to your vision, underscoring the relationship between the two.
Winning corporate cultures are values-based, strategically aligned, adaptive, collaborative, diversity-friendly, growth-oriented, and customer-focused. The culture is communicated to employees through the behavior of senior management, the promotion and reward system, and decision-making mechanisms.
Capabilities – the Basis of Your Competitive Advantage
Sustainable competitive advantage is achieved by continuously developing existing and creating new resources and capabilities in response to rapidly changing market conditions. Among these resources and capabilities, knowledge represents the most important value-creating asset.
The three most critical factors essential to achieve superior, sustainable results are strategic focus, organizational alignment, and operating discipline. Leaders are responsible for building organizational capability. They leverage diversity, deploy teams, design human resource systems, and make change happen.
Improving Business Performance: Virtuous Circles
Various business performance improvement approaches focus on alternative ways to build and run a company. The concept of “virtuous circles” is one of them. It has all those contributing to value creation for the customer pulling forcibly in the same direction. This also means identifying and balancing short- and long-term goal structures for all stakeholders and changing management incentive schemes to promote long-term sustainable performance.
Marketing and Selling Is All About Perceptions
Marketing and selling – customer value proposition, communicating, advertising, emotional marketing, influencing people, persuading people, etc. – is all about perceptions.  The essence of marketing and selling is coming to grips with people's perceptions.