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The Need for Continuous Innovation
To survive in the new competitive environment, no enterprise can afford to stand still. In today's knowledge-driven world, new technologies appear at shorter and shorter intervals. Innovation thus should be not a one-off event, but a continuous response to changing circumstances. Sustainable innovation system doesn't not just help to solve a problem but creates a new capacity, opening up opportunities for further innovation.
You Innovate To:
Øimprove products and services
Øretain existing and win new customers
Øfind new ways to solve a problem or do something
Øsave money
Øenhance your jobs
Ømake a task easier, faster and/or more enjoyable
Øincrease your promotability
Øachieve great results and have fun
Innovation as a Mindset and Corporate Strategy
Innovation is the conversion of knowledge into new products, services, processes, strategies or business models. It should not be limited to development of new products only. New processes and methods can be more powerful in helping you to win sustainable competitive advantage. All have to be open to new ideas, new ways of working, new tools and equipment, and be able to absorb and benefit from them. A policy to enhance innovation must be present in a modern enterprise policy as one of its main components.
Innovating for the Present & Preparing for the Future
No-one can predict the future. You can however discover the secrets of the present. Innovation is not about taking risk or predicting the future it's about focusing on the opportunities of the present. Understand the present, study what is known and turn this knowledge into future opportunities.