COCA Principle of Achievement






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 Learn From Adversity and Failures

Experiencing failures is inevitable, accepting it or mastering it is up to you. You choose whether challenges, adversity, and failure are stepping stones or stumbling blocks in your path to success.

 Create an Inspiring Vision

Learning and applying the skill of using our imagination beyond fear and self-imposed limitations brings endless opportunities for success and achievement. Creative vision prompts your subconscious mind to tap into the wisdom of the infinite intelligence in getting breakthrough solution for any challenge. One way to engage your subconscious mind is to keep searching for a solution with a burning desire, especially when you are about to fall asleep or just woke up.

 Maintain Sound Health

Sound health is essential to success. It starts in the subconscious mind and is attained through conscious decision and unwavering determination and will power. Mental Attitude affects health and it is something that you can control. Positive thinking and feeling good generates harmony within your body.

 Budget Your Time and Money

You have limited time and money; therefore you must have a system to spend them well. Taking regular inventory of how you spend your time and money is a great tool to maximize them and use them effectively.

 Use Cosmic Habit Force

Fly to the destinations of your choice by using the natural law of Cosmic Habit Force. It takes self discipline to watch and manage your thoughts. Establish positive habits. They result in a happy, healthy, successful you. When you develop a positive habit, the habit develops you. Your life is the result of the habits you have formed.

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