The Wheel of Personal Success





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 Act With Enthusiasm

Your passion and your burning desire to succeed is more powerful than all logic. Enthusiasm is a feeling of confidence and harmony in working towards your inspiring goal. Enthusiasm comes from within to intensify your faith and motivate you to massive action toward success.  >>>

 Practice Self-Discipline

Self-mastery is essential to success. Self-discipline is enforced by controlling your thoughts and your actions, thus balancing our outcome.

 Think Accurately

Everything begins with a thought. The ability to differentiate facts from opinions, and the ability to focus on important facts enable you to make effective decisions in achieving success. To think accurately, you must separate facts from information and actively categorize and prioritize the facts.

 Control Your Attention

Controlled attention is the principle that commands you to focus actively and exclusively on those things you desire to achieve. Where concentration goes, energy flows.  Success comes after much concentration. Focus your mind on a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.


Cooperation is the beginning of all organized effort. True cooperation has no room for selfishness or greed. All achievement is the form of significant and successful cooperation and teamwork between individuals based on willingness and free contribution. Inspiring teamwork assures rapid and meaningful success.

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