The Art of War

Competitive Strategies


10 Essential Principles of Military Strategy


By: Dr. William A. Cohen,
Major General, US Air Force


The fundamental principle: Commit fully to a defined objective

Seize the initiative and keep it

Economize to mass your resources  >>>

Use strategic positioning

Do the unexpected  >>>

Keep things simple

Prepare multiple, simultaneous alternatives  >>>

Take the indirect route to your objective.

Practice timing and sequencing

Exploit your success  >>>



Sun Tzu advice The Art of War

Do not trust that the enemy isn't coming.
Trust on your readiness to meet him >>>

Sun Tzu

The Art of War

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Choose right weapons. Learn from David:
if a Goliath attacks you, conquer him with a weapon he is defenseless against. >>>

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