How To Create Amazingly Seductive Offers
Only a Moron Could Resist!


Dan Lok




Have you seen the movie "The Godfather"?

It's a brilliant movie, filled with great scenes, great lines, and great characters. One of the most memorable pieces of dialogue is spoken by Don Corleone after he's asked how he will convince someone to do something that person would prefer not to do. The Godfather replies,

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse."

Essentially, the old man is saying, "He better buy what I'm selling… or he's dead meat." I gotta admit, this approach is a little extreme and probably not something you want to try in your business, but it is a perfect example of an irresistible offer!

An irresistible offer is an "invitation" that is so clearly compelling, so powerful, and so obviously attractive that no one in his/her mind could refuse. That's the kind of offer you want to make, too.




Personally, I like to create the offer FIRST before I put my fingers on the keyboard or write a single word of copy. The initial idea for an offer may come quickly, but I may spend days just thinking about it, brainstorming it, framing it and re-framing it, and playing around with different combination of offers.

Once you've got a handle on your irresistible offer, the rest comes easy…

If your offer is “hot,” your sales copy will practically write itself and it will easily bring an avalanche of sales. If your offer is weak, no magic “phrases and words” are going to save you.

That’s how important a well-thought out, well-articulated offer is! So the million-dollar question is: how can you make your offers amazingly seductive?

Here’re some "Whip Up An Immediate Buying Frenzy" tips that I’ve learned over the years…




Whip It Up #1

Don't Be A Victim of "Human Nature" – Get Readers to Act NOW

It’s human nature to procrastinate. People need that extra “nudge." If your prospect doesn’t take action the instant he/she is finished reading your ad copy, there’s a fat chance you’ll lose your prospect's enthusiasm, interest, and ultimately the sale.

You can achieve immediate action by either having a deadline or a limited quantity or preferably both!

Below is a good example:

Urgent! Time Sensitive Message…

It’ll cost you nothing to get started. Plus, if you’re not satisfied… for any reason or no reason at all… you’ll pay nothing ever – guaranteed! (Please read this entire message right away because, this offer is extremely limited and may expire for good on DATE!)”

You can't afford to let your prospect “think about it.” You don’t want them to wait till tomorrow, till the day after, or even one extra minute because they might get distracted or change their minds. You want them to whip out their plastics and order NOW!!!

Here's a mathematical formula you need to know:

Delay = Lost Sales.

And here's the flipside:

Fast Action = Big Money.

State all the specific benefits they’ll get from taking action now… Remind them what they will 'lose' or miss out by not responding… Have a clearly defined time limit… Do everything you possibly can do get them to ACT now!

You can also make your prospects stand-up and take action now by making your bonuses a limited time offer… This means if prospects order by a certain date, they’ll get a bouquet of bonus stuff.

Which leads to the next trick