When you have answers, you stagnate.

When you ask searching questions, you innovate forward.  >>>



Benefits of Asking Questions vs Telling








Sample Questions


Questions to ask Yourself

Questions to ask Others

Questions about your Business

Discover Your True Passion

What inspires me
to bring my big dream to life? ...

Discover Your Life Mission

What message
would I like to send to the World? ...

Self-Coaching questions

How does my stretch goal fit
into my overall life vision?  ...

Self-Management questions

What should I contribute
to achieve higher results? ...

Eye-Opening questions

Leaders create news, others watch news. Which group do you belong to? ... More


Best Questions example If you don't change the World, why do you exist at all? Vadim Kotelnikov

Customer-driven innovation

What are hidden and unarticulated
customer needs? ...

Question-based Management

How could we enhance our business portfolio to produce more innovative value   for the customer? ... More

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

While creating the next post, don't ask yourself "What message should I send to get more 'likes'?", instead ask yourself "What message should I send to get my readers feel loved?"... More





Creative Achiever



James Allen success advice quotes

For true success ask yourself these four questions:
Why?  ❷ Why not?  ❸ Why not me?  ❹ Why not now?

James Allen

Linda Eve Diamond

Going into a listening situation with questions in your mind will help you remember.  >>>

Linda Eve Diamond