Lean Production



Achieving Radical Improvement

The Ten Kaikaku Commandments


Kaizen vs. Kaikaku

In lean terms, there are two kinds of improvement.

  1. Kaizen refers to steady but incremental improvement

  2. Kaikaku means revolution, or radical improvement.

Without Kaizen you are building Kaikaku on sandy foundations. And vice versa.

The below 10 Kaikaku commandments are all good basic principles to start any improvement journey. It is top down initiative to activate a bottom up empowerment for change.

10 Kaikaku Commandments

By: Hiroyuki Hirano

  1. Throw out the traditional concept of manufacturing methods.

  2. Think about how the new method will work, not how it won't work.

  3. Don't accept excuses; totally deny the status quo.

  4. Don't seek perfection; a 50% implementation rate is fine as long as it's done on the spot.

  5. Correct mistakes the moment they are found.

  6. Don't spend money on Kaikaku.

  7. Problems give you a chance to use your brains.

  8. Ask "Why" five times.

  9. Ten person's ideas are better than one person's knowledge.

  10. Kaikaku knows no limits.


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