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Treat problems as opportunities because that's what they are!

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Over the years of teaching his ideas generation courses, Barrie Hawkins, the author of How To Generate Great Ideas, has met thousands of delegates. Some people were not very good at producing ideas and others were quite good at generating ideas. Some people were very good at it. And a few people had a terrific ability to generate ideas ( => Example).

What makes the difference? Why is it that once we have learnt the techniques and practiced them some of us are so much better at generating ideas?


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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

The best approach to problem solving is turning problems to opportunities.

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The difference between more and less creative people is their attitude.

This conclusion can be best explained by a real-life example.

Much of Barrie's teaching has concerned helping would-be entrepreneurs generate an idea for a new business to start.


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Life happens perfectly when you know how to tune into the opportunities embedded in every crisis, problem, adversity and obstacle.

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On one occasions they were presenting the course in a rural part of the UK, in a small town which suffered from high unemployment, at a time when the biggest employer in the area was making everyone redundant. Two of the delegates had come to the course together: they both worked for the employer declaring the redundancies and were employed in the same part of the plant, both as storemen. They were each in their 50s and had worked for the employer for some 25 years. These men had similar skills, similar work experience, similar environment, similar age, similar background: but one of these two people came up with an idea that appealed to him and that proved to work in the market-place, whereas the other spent the rest of his life watching daytime television.


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A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.





What was the difference between them? Why was one of them able to be entrepreneurial, to discover entrepreneurial opportunities and to come up with a pocketful of ideas that would start a business in an economically depressed area, drawing on low capital resources, even though he had no business experience?

The answer was found in their own words. The person who was so able to generate business ideas said: "The job was OK. But like most people from time to time I thought about doing something else but I never got round to it. Maybe being made redundant will be a good thing, maybe this will be a chance for me to do something else, but find something I like better, to do something fresh."

His colleague, who seemed incapable of coming up with a worthwhile business idea, said: "I'm finished. I know that." These two people were talking about the same thing, they were both talking about the fact that they had been made redundant.

The difference between them was in their attitude towards it, how they viewed it.



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Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.

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