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Toyota's 10 Management Principles


By: Tadashi Yamashima, President, Toyota Technical Center (TCC)

Toyota Production System

  1. Always keep the final target in mind.

  2. Clearly assign tasks to yourself and others.

  3. Think and speak on verified, proven information and data.

  4. Take full advantage of the wisdom and experiences of others to send, gather or discuss information.

  5. Share information with others in a timely fashion.

  6. Always report, inform and consult in a timely manner.

  7. Analyze and understand shortcomings in your capabilities in a measurable way.

  8. Relentlessly strive to conduct Kaizen activities.

Implementing Kaizen: 7 Conditions


  1. Think "outside the box", or beyond common sense and standard rules.

  2. Always be mindful of protecting your safety and health.



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