Live a Wonderful Day − Every Day!
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How To Have a Great Day Every Day - 7 advices by Vadim Kotelnikov  

Day by day, your fate gives your nothing but opportunities to grow wiser, stronger and kinder. Realize this − and you will transform your life.





Wake up thinking about the most important things that you can do right today instead of regretting about the things that went wrong yesterday.

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Burning Belief is the bridge between impossible and possible, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Денис Котельников  

Believe that today is a great day to break the status quo of who you are and to transform yourself into a better human being.

Believe that today is a wonderful day, a new exciting challenge, a new amazing chance to invent a new way to progress further, to grow bigger, to catch luck.







The best day planning exercise:
Close your eyes, relax, spread your wings, take off, look around, discover where your Dreamland is, then open your eyes and move there.

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Positive Mindset quotes Vadim Kotelnikov  

See a positive side of everything to turn the day into a chain of wonders and amazing opportunities to pursue.




Everything becomes a gift as soon as you decide to benefit from every experience.

Can you change today's weather? If you cannot, than figure out what best you can get out of it.

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Stretch Yourself quotes Vadim Kotelnikov  

Never think 'I am perfect'. Always be creatively dissatisfied and search for opportunities to get better.

Strive to achieve impossible to awaken your inner genius and unlock your true potential.




Don't wait for everything to fall in place in order for you to get happy. Change your attitude, get happy now, and everything will fall in place.

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