Liberate Employees from the Fear of Trying New Things

Guiding Principles by Tom McConnell, President, New England Securities Corp.

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  1. Take risks. Don't play it safe.

  2. Make mistakes. Don't try to avoid them.

  3. Take initiative. Don't wait for instructions.

  4. Spend energy on solutions, not emotions.

  5. Shoot for total quality. Don't shave standards.

  6. Welcome destruction. It's the first step to success in the creative process.

  7. Focus on opportunities, not problems >>>

  8. Experiment.

  9. Take personal responsibility for fixing things. Don't blame others.

  10. Try smarter, not harder.  >>>

  11. Stay calm!

  12. Smile

  13. Have fun!  >>>

Charles Schwab advice

 All successful employers are stalking men who will do the unusual,

men who think.

Charles Schwab

Kotelnikov Vadim advice

Leadership is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically in a right direction.  >>>