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  6Ws of Corporate Growth

❶  Prepare to Win

Work for someone to gather experience, skills and confidence. Serve your master diligently, for if you want to Lead , you must know how to serve.

❷  Start Your Own Business

Develop a business plan, take a loan and do whatever is needed to repay the loan by the deadline.

❸  Start With Something Simple

Starr by focusing on what you know and can do well. If you know how to import commodities, start by importing commodities.

❹  Deliver Faster

Develop an effective and strong distribution channel to get your goods delivered faster than your competitors’ goods.

❺  Jump To the Next Curve

Having mastered your initial simple business, leap from it to the next level.  For instance, if you were importing goods, start manufacturing them.

❻  Build a Strong Brand

Built a vibrant brand for your business. “To succeed in business, you must build a brand and never destroy it. One competitive advantage I had when I ventured into manufacturing was my brand (Dangote), which I diligently built in the course of my trading.”  >>>

❼  Retain Customers

To gain the loyalty of your customers, start selling your competitive products at cheaper rates compared to your competitors’ rates.  >>>

❽  Build Synergistic Partnerships

Develop your networking skills and ability to make synergistic connections to be able to make major breakthroughs you need for the prosperity of your business.

❾  Work Smart and Hard

Spend most of your time strategizing and brainstorming on how to grow your business. Have long working hours, wake up early.  >>>

❿  Obey the Laws of the Land

Abide by the rules and regulations governing the ethics of business. Keep your credit records as well as your tax records tidy. Do business as stipulated by the regulatory bodies.