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How No To Pay Your Advisers

Oksana Obolenska's Recipe


IMN Student Association



Having been cheated out of money by STF Medical GmbH, an Austrian company owned by Oksana Obolenska, a Unkranian, we, poor students from developing countries, conducted a post-factum due diligence research on STF Medical GmbH and Oksana Obolenska. We discovered that we were not the only ones cheated out of money by her.

For example, below are a series of excuses Oksana Obolenska used not to pay her advisers and consultants.

My staff will send the payment on Monday.

My staff will send the payment on Thursday.

Online banking is not working. We'll send you the payment a bit later.

The payment has not been sent yet because our staff member's flight was delayed.

A family member of our staff member got sick so he cannot execute the funds transfer for the time being.

The wife of the staff member is organising a conference, so he will not be able to make the payment during this week.

The staff member who was to make the payment went on leave.

I'll transfer the funds myself. Just give me a few days.

The funds have been transferred... You haven't received the payment? I'll check.



Would you like to use the Oksana Obolenska's recipe not to pay your advisers or prefer to build your reputation as a trustworthy  partner and thus earn much more?