Telling a Lie is:

a sin for a child,

fault for an adult,

an art for a lover,

an SKILL for a story teller,

a profession for a lawyer,

a requirement for a politician,

a management tool for a boss,

an excuse for a subordinate,

a persuasion tool for a marketer,

an accomplishment for a bachelor,


*A Matter of Survival for a Married Man*





Winston Churchill advice

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

Winston Churchill



How To Prevent from Being Deceived


Make critical thinking a habit to reveal deceptions easily (Example)


Which Country Contributed Most to the Allied Victory in the World War II?

It was a great allied victory. Yet, U.S. whose share in the allied victory was actually less than 20% − claimed through their mass media, movies, history books, etc. − that it were them who won the World War II.

It is actually very  easy to expose this lie if you apply critical thinking and ask yourself these two questions.

If it were USA who won the World War II, why:

1. Soviet Union alone liberated much more countries
than USA, Great Britain and France all together?

2. It were Soviet soldiers, not American ones, who hoisted their national banner over the Reichstag that signified the end of World War II?


Make critical thinking a habit, and you will not be deceived easily.