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The Quality of Your Work Is a Measure of the Quality of Yourself


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The quality of your work is a measure of the quality of yourself.  We all derive pride and self-esteem from accomplishing tasks in an excellent fashion.  Successful completion of a worthy task means that it was not only attempted, but it was completed to certain standards of performance or better.  Worthy means it was something that needed doing whether it was typing of a document or diagnosis of an illness.  It was a task that somebody had to do and do correctly.

High levels of remuneration and job security are dependent upon three keys; what you do, how well you do it and how difficult it is to replace you.  Accordingly, our highly competitive employment market only pays superior rewards to recipients who render worthy superior performances.

Your goal at work should therefore be to get good, get better and to be the best possible, to such a point where you seemingly become indispensable to the organisation. 


Innompic Anthem 'I Have a Difference To Make!"    Jump In!    Can-Do Attitude


Ksenya Kotelnikova

Always do your best − wonderful rewards will follow.  >>>

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Here are ten concepts
to help you improve your levels of quality and excellence at work:



  Good enough seldom is

Organisations that are continually productive and profitable incessantly strive for quality and excellence.  Acknowledging that your customers are not prepared to accept an attitude of "that's good enough," how does your organisation's quality standards rate as against its competitors?  How do your own personal levels of excellence and quality rate against your current and potential competitors in the employment market?  If you don't know the answer/s to these questions, then resolve to find them out immediately.  The longer you delay, the larger the gap may be growing between you and your competition!


Good Enough Is Not Good Enough    Be a GREATbody!    Stretch Yourself    Grow Yourself


Jeff Bezos advice

It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Jeff Bezos





  Quality is not just product related

Quality is not just the product; it's a combination of the product and "add-ons," i.e. packaging, availability, convenience of use and value adding customer service, etc.  The same applies to you in the employment market. Possessing a tertiary qualification may only get you 50% of the way towards being internally promoted or externally employed.  The other 50% will depend upon what your acquired "add-ons" are, i.e. what makes you more valuable than your competitor in the mind of potential employers/customers.  Ask yourself "what value adding skills have I acquired and applied to my work within the past 2 years that demonstrate skill flexibility, continuing career development and quality as an employee?"


Quality Management    Total Quality Management (TQM): Deming's 14 Points


Steve Jobs advices

Quality is more important than quantity.
One home run is much better than two doubles.

Steve Jobs






  Quality and excellence are what your customers say they are

Quality and excellence are not what you say they are.  Quality and excellence are what your customers say they are.  Customers of your products and services define quality! When was the last time you asked a customer for an honest opinion of the goods and services you and your organisation provide?  Organisations and individuals that want to get ahead and succeed (your competitors), are prepared to meet regularly with customers and appraise performance levels, continuously seeking improvement.  The same applies in the employment market.  Employers determine excellence and quality.  Smart people in charge of their careers recognise this fact and are therefore continuously researching for needs, trends and opportunities within their existing employment environment and in future areas of the employment market they are attracted to.  Thus they can then acquire new skills to meet changing employment needs, to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Love Your Customers    Empathize with Your Customers    Create Greater Customer Value


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Don't strive to ne a star − strive to be THE SUN!

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  Exceed expectations

Go the extra mile, do things faster, do things with greater sincere friendliness, for your customers, employer, family and for yourself!


Creative Dissatisfaction    Create Greater Value    Achieve More from Less    Take Risk


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Don't be afraid to take a noble risk,
be afraid not to be brave enough to take a noble risk.

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  Continuous creativity

Every member of an organisation can be creative and intrapreneurial. The key towards discovering and maximising your creativity is to be a member of an organisation that offers a work environment that encourages individual and team creativity .  These organisations understand that value innovation and entrepreneurial creativity are the very source of excellence and quality when applied to customer service, delivery, distribution, sales and marketing and employee productivity, etc.


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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

The Loving Creator created us in his own likeness.
We are all Loving Creators by birth.

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