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The Key Challenges To Organizational Success

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By: Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman is COO of Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network ( Six Seconds helps all people develop essential EQ skills so businesses, schools, and communities thrive. With offices in six countries and practitioners in over 50, five validated assessments, and numerous training and consulting programs, Six Seconds is the world’s preeminent resource for emotional intelligence development.


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The Key Challenges To Organizational Success

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The Key Challenges To Organizational Success

In a changing business climate, what are the key challenges to organizational success?


Six Seconds, an international not-for-profit organization, invited leaders to identify the key challenges in the workplace today – and particularly the “people side” of the equation. The survey explores top issues as well as employee attitudes and the role of emotional intelligence in solving those key issues.

Responses come from team leaders to executives in a broad range of industries and organizations ranging from under 20 to over 10,000 people. 135 responses were tabulated, primarily from North America but also from every other continent.

The survey finds that in 2007…

“Soft” issues such as inspiring corporate culture are over 3 times as prevalent as “hard” issues such as finance.

Leaders are twice as concerned about leadership than all other issues combined.

Emotional intelligence and feelings of team- and non-team-members were among the most important resources an organization has in addressing challenges and reaching goals.

In response to “What are 2-3 of the top challenges in your organization?” answers range from “gaining more market share” to “losing sight of our true mission” to “nimbly adapting to change.”

When divided between “hard” issues such as finance and supply and “soft” issues such as culture and communication, the “soft stuff” appears to be three times harder.

On the “people-side” many respondents are concerned with finding and keeping good people – especially in a time when they are expected to “do more with less.”

Key Issues Mentioned by Business Leaders

Engaging Talent:

“Finding, hiring, and keeping talented individuals.”

“Developing talent – both internally and through finding and attracting good people – and equipping them for success.”

“Recruiting, developing and most importantly retaining top quality experts.”

Under Pressure:

“Increased work responsibilities with less dollars.”

“Lack of time to do an adequate job.”

“Too little time to talk to colleagues.”

“Managing increasing complexity, competition and regulation.”

“Inadequate budgets.”

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