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The Science of Getting Rich

7 Free Lessons


By: Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Michael Beckwith

the Master Teachers of the Secret and the World’s Most Acclaimed Experts on the Law of Attraction



You’ll Learn…

  1. Your Inner Power – How to Best Tap into the Power of Your Inner Being

  2. Thoughts are Things – Understanding the Law of Attraction

  3. Thought Control – How to Attain Mastery of Your Thought Process

  4. Thinking Big – How to Expand Your Vision of Where You Want to Be

  5. Speed Manifesting – The Process For Powerfully Manifesting Abundance

  6. The Forces of Power Desire, Belief and Expectancy

  7. The Secret to Wealth Inspired Ideas and Definite Action

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The Science of Getting Rich

Learn The Powerful Formula To Achieve Your Financial Goals With Mathematical Precision…

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