YOUR PEOPLE SKILLS (minicourse by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint presentation download)



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1. Create Value, Build Relationships, Influence

Your People Skills 360

The Role of Your People Skills

Strive To Make People Happier

Become a Generous Star

Create Greater Value for People Around You

Win-Win Mindset

A Short Course in Human Relations

The Tao of Building Relationships

The Tao of Influencing People

Rapport the Key to Influencing People

Solving People Problems

Effective Conflict Resolution: No-Lose Method

Internal and External Conflict Resolution

Effective Negotiations: Reaching a Wise Agreement

Wise Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts

Separate the People from the Problem

Principled Negotiation: 9 Principles

2. Understand People

Understanding People's Perceptions

Perceptual Positions

Empathic Listening

Mental Maps

Six Fundamental Patterns of Cultural Differences

An Example of Different Meaning of the Same Gesture

The Tao of Cultural Intelligence

3. Communicate

The Tao of Communication

Communication GEM

The Way Your Message is Conveyed

Most People Prefer to Talk To Great Listeners

Effective Listening

The Tao of Effective Listening

Active Listening

How To Sell Your Ideas To Other Stakeholders

How To Make Effective Presentations

10 Essentials of Effective Communication

 4. Lead

Leader 360

Above All Leadership Is About...

Lead by Example

9 Roles of a Team Leader


The Tao of Leadership

Inspirational Leader: 10 Roles

Attitude Motivation

How To Lead Creative People

Leader As Servant

5. Coach

Effective Coaching: Definition and the Keys to Success

Coach 360

Selecting an Appropriate Coaching Style

GROW Model

Instant Payoff Coaching


The Tao of Coaching


Your People Skills


Inspirational Mini-course

by Vadim Kotelnikov



60 inspirational seeds of achievement!

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60 half-page Executive Summaries


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Success Secrets Your People Skills Connecting With Other People Establishing Trust Ten3 Businesss e-Coach at Continuous Learning Financial Success Your People Skills 360 Ten3 Businesss e-Coach at PEOPLE SKILLS: Success Secrets - The Role of People Skills



Your People Skills 360 People Skills 360



Leadership Attributes Leadership Attributes 12 Leadership Roles Changing Yourself Vadim Kotelnikov The Tao of Achievement Ten3 BUSINESS e-COACH: Why, What and How Leader360 Leading Up Lateral Leadership Leader 360: Self-Leadership, Top-Down Leadership, Lateral Leadership, Bottom-Up Leadrship



Your People Skills


Understand Communicate Build Relationships

 Influence Lead   Coach



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