Winning Customers

Create outstanding customer value and win amazed and loyal customers!


Creating, Winning, and Retaining Customers Vadim Kotelnikov Customer Value Proposition Service-Profit Chain Customer Intimacy Customer Care Customer Care Customer Partnership Positioning: 7 Tips Creative Marketing Marketing Strategy Listening To Customers Observing People Create More Value for Your Customers Value Innovation Branding 4 Steps of Your Differentiation Strategy Yin-Yang og Effective Communicaton Influencing People Selling by Coaching Relationship Marketing and Selling Persuading People Closing the Deal Customers for Life Customer Service Customer Relationship Management 4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction Creating Customers Synergy Marketing Strategy Sales Success Ten3 Business e-Coach at Customer Success 360: Creating Customer Value, Marketing, Selling, Retaining Customers, Growing Together

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Вy: Vadim Kotelnikov

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Six Chapters

  1. Customer-focused Corporate Strategies

  2. Creating Innovative Customer Value

  3. Marketing Strategies

  4. Effective Selling and Related People Skills

  5. Retaining Customers

  6. Growing Together

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Winning Customers


100 Slides +

100 half-page Executive Summaries