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“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes


If you

stop learning,

you stop

creating history and

become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Ten3 Global Market and Cultural Intelligence Study

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Inventor and Founder

Ten3 Business e-Coach

1000ventures,   1000advices.com

InsBeCo,   Success360

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Where does the data come from?

Ten3 Global Business Learning Report is based on the analysis of global sales of Ten3 Mini-courses.

Customers from different countries vote with their dollars. We analyze the sales statistics.

The formulae used for calculation:

Global rank for a focus area = Global sales in this focus area / Total global sales

Region rank in a specific focus are  = Regional sales in this focus area  / Total regional sales  / Global rank for this focus area

Country rank in a specific focus are = Country sales in this focus area  / Total country sales / Global rank for this focus area


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Attribution: Ten3 Global Business Learning Report, Vadim Kotelnikov, 1000advices.com


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