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How Optimism Enhances Different Aspects of Life

Brian Tracy


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If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not.

Elon Musk



Job performance

Many studies have concluded that optimists generally outperform pessimists in the workplace. To improve their performance, many companies now use optimism tests to ensure that they only hire relatively optimistic employees.

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Optimism is a particularly powerful predictor of success in sales because optimistic salespeople take action, and continue taking action, even if their initial results are disappointing. As a result, optimists sell more and are less likely to quit.  >>>

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In sports, optimistic professional athletes and coaches perform better than pessimistic ones, particularly under pressure.


Ksenya Kotelnikova

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Dennis Kotelnikov, Russian actor

World Innompic Champion




Physical Health

Optimists tend to be healthier and have better immune system functioning than pessimists. Optimists are also more likely to stick to efforts to improve their health (such as exercising and eating right). And when they do have health problems, optimists are often able to identify them relatively early because their belief that their actions can have beneficial results leads them to seek a doctor’s opinion.

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Nothing is permanent in this wicked world ‒ not even our troubles.




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The keys to success and happiness are hidden in dark places, but you have a flashlight to find them – it's your positive mindset. Turn it on!

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Masha Kalyanova Maria

Never give up on your dreams Never ever quit on yourself and never quit on what truly matters to you.

Maria Kalyanova

Marina Vorobyeva, Russian smart beauty

Discover your talents, follow your dreams, and never give up!

Marina Vorobyeva

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Think differentBreak rulesCreate future






Be happy and make others happy.

Rajendra Jagdale

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Preeti Chikara, India

We all deserve the best in our lives. To achieve that we need to follow our heart and explore our maximum potential in the domain that we are passionate for.


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Michael Zelin, university teacher, USA

Creative challenges inspire innovation. All ideas should be built upon. No knowledge should be wasted.



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