Empowering Team Leadership

10  Leadership Essentials

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond.

Reprinted from the book Teambuilding That Gets Results with permission of its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc. (800-432-7444)

Linda Eve Diamond

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond are the authors of several business and educational books. Harriet founded Diamond Associates in 1985, a successful training and consulting company. Linda Eve developed and delivered many of the company's communication and teambuilding programs. Harriet retired from business, but continues to share her expertise through writing. Linda is now a freelance writer focusing on business, educational and self-help books.

They can be reached through their websites:

www.LindaEveDiamond.com  and  www.HarrietDiamond.net.

Harriet Diamond


Winning Team: 7 Elements

9 Roles of a Team Leader

  1. Create a positive work environment. You set, maintain, and change the tone. Model and encourage a positive one.

  2. Set clear expectation. Tell people what you expect, when, and how, or your day can be filled with surprises, such as "Oh, you meant today?" Unclear expectations create an atmosphere of unease and frustration.

  3. Give clear guidelines. As others participate in your organization, give them clear road maps. Don't keep your processes a secret.

  4. Delegate. The added perspective on a job can create even more substantial results than you might create if it were part of your balancing act.

  5. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious and creates an energetic work environment.

  1. Demonstrate confidence. Believe in your product / service and yourself. Others will be far more eager to follow you.

  2. Provide necessary resources. Ensure that team members can access information and people to help them achieve their goals.

  3. Provide training. Provide team members with the skills and information to reach their fullest potential. If you want your team to be confident and competent, provide avenues for them to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  4. Inspire team spirit. Hone your understanding of teams to create a positive atmosphere in which people feel appreciated and inspired.

Inspirational Leader: 10 Roles

  1. Provide developmental feedback. By letting your team know how they are doing, you will propel them to excellence.



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