Success Secrets

Success Pyramid

How to achieve lasting success in personal life, studies, relationships, and business

By: Bruno Gideon

The author of Don't Take No for an Answer

Someone you know is successful. Most of their decisions are bang on and they're on a winning streak. They also made some mistakes (who doesn't?) but they have corrected them, learned their lessons, moved on, and now they're on their way to the top.

The Wheel of Personal Success

Failure Is a Stepping Stone to Success

When I say success I also mean success in personal life, studies, and even relationships.

Your People Skills 360

Am I talking about you? Maybe the “tomorrow you”?


The big risk of being at the top is that you become hypnotized by your success and are no longer grounded. Think of the success pyramid. You start at the bottom and work your way up and that road is paved with a lot of hard work. But you should always remember that your success was not yours alone and that you have many people supporting you along the way.

It is important to not become hypnotized by your success, allergic to any sort of critique when mistakes rear their ugly head. Thinking of the strong base that helped you get to where you are will prevent you from losing ground. 

Are you at the top and enjoying it? Good for you and I wish you good luck. But please stay well grounded. You don't want to risk your success! 




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