Adapted from: Alliance Advantage: The Art of Creating Value Through Partnering, Gary Hamel and Yves Doz

  1. Do you have a strategic architecture which employees understand?

  2. Are you constrained by resources but not lacking in ambitions?

  3. Are your managers determined to make the best use of the limited resources?

Results-based Leadership

  1. Do you have a collaborative culture?

  2. Do you have the flexibility to respond to the changes in the environment?

Why Change Fails: 8 Common Errors

  1. How good are your communication skills?

  2. How good are you in managing cultural differences?

  3. Do you encourage continuous learning and group learning?

  4. Do you allow managers to put in long stints in the alliance?

  5. Are you prepared to respond quickly to potential problems?

Strategic Alliances Ten3 Trainings