Rule 1

Strategists can never rely on common sense alone.

Rule 2

The majority is very often strategically wrong.

Rule 3

Strategically, the present is already the past.

Rule 4

The strategist must learn from history.

Rule 5

Nothing lasts forever.



Rule 6

Inertia is the strategist's greatest adversary.

Rule 7

Strategists should not fail into predictable patterns.

Rule 8

A successful strategy cannot be dishonest.

Rule 9

Strategists must make systems out of chaos.

Rule 10

An asymmetric strategic response is more efficient than a symmetric one.



Rule 11

The strategist must always be an optimist.

Rule 12

Always overestimate the competitor.

Rule 13

Innovation can provide huge strategic advantage.

Rule 14

The strategist should optimize limited resources, using time as the determining factor.

Rule 15

Strategists must figure out what their clients need, not what their clients want.