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Negotiation: First Agree, then Lead Gently
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Wise balanced Yin-Yang approach to negotiations harmonizes 'pull' and 'push' tactics.

While being strategically focused on the desired outcome, be tactically flexible, like river water or plant shoots, in your approaches to selecting or inventing the routes towards the desired results.  >>>

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Avoid confrontational negotiations. If your counterpart takes a position with which you totally disagree, don’t argue. It may come across as, “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Arguing always puts your opponent in a defending position, makes him or her to argue back, and intensifies his or her desire to win the contest of rightness and will. So, agree first, then turn it around.






Feel, Felt, Found (3F) Formula

Roger Dowson, the author of Secrets of Power Negotiating, advises to use the Feel, Felt, Found (3F) formula to diffuse the competitive spirit.

For instance, if you are selling something, and your prospective buyer says, “Your price is way too high,” don’t argue. Say instead, “I understand exactly how you feel about that. Many other people have felt exactly the same way as you do when they first hear the price. When they take a closer look at what we offer, however, they have always found that we offer the best value in the marketplace.”

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