5 Rules for Effective Meetings

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  1. Pass out an agenda at least one day in advance; encourage people to add new items to the agenda prior to the meeting  >>>

  2. Set time for the meeting; begin and end on time

  3. Stick with the agenda and the targeted functions to make decisions, to disseminate information, to foster internal changes, to respond to external changes, to exchange ideas and experiences, or to develop teamwork. Allow time for discussion, but stay on the topic.

  4. Invite people to speak out their opinion. Silence does not necessarily means consent.

  5. Record decisions and action assignments, preferably so that everybody could see them on a big screen. Summarize the action list at the end of the meeting. Check the action list for completion at the next meeting.


Jack Welch advice

 When you call a meeting,

see if its goals are achieved.

Jack Welch

Kotelnikov Vadim advice

Participation in governmental meetings is dangerous for life

they can bore you to death.