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Positive Thinking in Creative Management

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Positive Thinking

What is positive thinking? To define it briefly, positive thinking means an attitude where you feel "I can do." This "I can do" attitude is positive thinking. To say "Yes, I cad do", the goal must be very clear to you.  Be determined to say 'Yes, I can do" all the time. This way, all the time, a positive attitude is maintained.  >>>


Bhagavad Gita

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.  >>>







Creativity means doing things in your own way, doing things in a new way rather than in the same old way. And for that the goal should be clear. Creativity means pro-activeness, not reaction. Invoke your ingenuity, your creativity and work wholeheartedly. Then alone can you enjoy your work.

Every day you have to create a new idea rather than rehash the same idea day-in and day-out. There is always a new way of doing things. There are various methods of doing the same thing.

Therefore you must try to invoke that creativity from within yourself by trying to do things using different methods and ways. Everyone can, if they try. You must take it up as a challenge.

Always say, "Yes, I can do that! We will do that. We can do that together." This is the kind of attitude to be created. Creativity in doing things, taking up the challenge and offering solutions in new ways.

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The central concern of modern management now is people whereas earlier it was machines, money or resources. The individual is the greatest resource. The individual as a producer, or as a worker and consumer has become the centre of management concern. The main management challenge is how to inspire an individual.

Bhagavad Gita says that that any individual has infinite potential, and that people enjoy work. Work gives them dignity. Work gives them self-worth. A leader has to draw inspiration from within himself and inspire others, as a leader alone can do just as Rama inspired monkeys and forged a mighty fighting machine out of them, fought Ravana, and retrieved Sita and his honour.

Every worker is like a seed − when it is nourished by the earth, the seed finds expression.

If a worker doesn't do his best, a supervisor should not think, "He is a lazy man". Instead, his attitude should really be, "I'm not able to inspire him, not that he is lazy or corrupt. How could I touch a deeper level of him and unleash his limitless creativity and passion for work?"




How To Manage Indian Workers

In order to make work enjoyable, the worker should be able to identify the work and mode of training that fits his innate nature which is composed of combination of the three characteristics (gunas) creativity (sattva), activity (rajas), and intertia (tamas). A recruitment and training programme which employs this paradigm of thought can understand and communicate better with the Indian mind... More