The only place where meaningful management results can be won is the outside world. Managing for results is expansion of Management by Objectives (MBO) into the marketplace. It is the theory and practice of how to produce results on the outside, in the market and economy.

The Tree of Business Success

Results-based Leadership

To achieve results, you should develop a solid, sound, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial strategy, aimed at market leadership, based on innovation, and tightly focused on decisive opportunities.


Peter Drucker: What Do You Really Mean by 'Results'?

The Eight Perceptions

Resources and results exist outside, not inside, the business

Results come from exploiting opportunities, not solving problems

For results, resources must go to opportunities, not to problems

"Economic results" do not go to minor players in a given market, but to market leadership

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Leadership, however, is not likely to last

What exists is getting old

What exists is likely to be misallocated (i.e. according to the 80/20 Principle, the first 20% of effort produces 80% of the results)

To achieve economic results, concentrate