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12 Breakthrough Ideas for the New Economy


Source: Harvard Economic Review Executive summary by Anastasia Bibikova.


The best ideas related to the practice of management. If you know somebody has used them, don’t try to repeat. Simply consider them, debate them and let them inspire your own thinking!

1. Creativity Index

It was proved that every nation has it’s own creativity index – i.e. there are natural limits for creativity for every nation.

2. Monopoly on Creativity

What is nowadays’ key economic resource? It was proved that only creative people can “reach the moon” and make the company flourish.

3. The Strategy is the Structure

Traditionally it was strategy that dictated the structure of the organization that was designed to serve strategic goals. Now: the structure of organization can be more basic as it includes values and beliefs, shared by all the employees. One can choose strategy his/her company is best prepared for.

4. Business on the Brain

Your company know-how – is  intellectual and creative potential of the people working there.

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5. Double-faced Colleagues

To measure human character use the test for difference between the way he treats the powerless and the powerful.

6. From MBA to MFA

Finance is also an art! Why only “business”? There is a clear shift to understanding every sphere of our life as a kind of art with it’s own criteria for beauty and it’s own rules of creativity.

7. Positive Thinking

Accentuate the positive factors while studying workplace behavior. Don’t concentrate just on conflicts, abuse, greed, distrust and poor morale. Use the power of positive thinking!

8. The Use of Giving Alms

There is no use giving alms to those who need assistance. Why should you be too much compassionate to people who are just looking  for 2-3 “coaching” words to find their own way/ solution?

9. Social Networks (SN) and Modern Companies

Social Network (SN) – is a major capital of the company. They may help to leverage real people’s interactions for everything from trend spotting by scouring public conversations to identifying internal experts within a department to ensuring that a manager actually results in cooperation among employees.




10. Laughter – the Best Consultant

You can learn a lot about the company by paying attention to its humor. Very often people tell jokes as a way of revealing uncomfortable truths.

11. Watch Your Back!

Paradox, but only few companies have full-scale risk-management program. Don’t forget, that business is like driving a car: you can go fast only if you know you have good brakes!

12. Management and the Self

New generation style of management – is self-management and self-coaching. You can’t change the others and the world around without changing yourself.  So start with your own consciousness!


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