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In real life, love to be loved.

In virtual life, 'like' to be 'liked'.

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Yes, 'likes' are extremely important these days. They are even vital for some people.

Just, while you are chasing 'likes', don't forget that LOVE is far more important because love is life.

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True love inspires and makes you creative. Love also makes you more interesting for other people. People love lovers. People love to see sincere emotions, not sales techniques. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. People buy into lovers and a love-driven business because their stories are born n their heart, not in a seller's mind.

To STAND OUT from your competition, be a HOSTer − help others succeed and thrive − and AMAZE your audience with outstanding highly valuable content.

Don't strive to be a star, strive to be THE SUN!

Be passionate about your work and your readers, be in love if you want to earn more true 'likes' and true followers, not fake ones.


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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

All-Inclusive Love lived by any person is a most welcomed peace ambassador... Love the World, love all people, and you will be welcomed everywhere.

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Rule #1

Love all people.

While creating the next post, don't ask yourself "What message should I send to get more 'likes'?", instead ask yourself "What message should I send to get my readers feel loved?"

Planet of Loving Creators

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