Meditative Orgasm





Love is the shallow space in a swimming pool, for those who cannot meditate. But that is the place to learn meditation.





THE MEDITATIVE ORGASM absorbs your sexual energy, because you don't have any other energy.

Your whole energy is sexual energy, and that vast explosion of joy simply absorbs all your energy. Hence, you need not become a pervert, you need not make an effort to remain celibate. It is just your choice.



Osho advice

Love helps you to relax, which is part of meditation. Love helps you to be joyous, which is part of meditation.




If you want to play old games once in a while, it is perfectly good. In fact, perhaps it should be a part of every enlightened man's life to have sex once in a while, because that will change the attitude of the whole world about sex.


Love as a Sacred Experience

Inner Beauty

12 Keys To Great Sex



Osho advice

Having experienced the meditative orgasm your sexual orgasm will immediately trigger the bigger orgasm.




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