Bruce Lynn: author of blogs on Leadership and Management’ and Turning Adversity to Advantage

By: Bruce Lynn

Bruce Lynn is the UK Server Business Group Director for Microsoft UK where he is responsible for leading the server applications tools and platforms business, in areas such as systems infrastructure and line of business (LOB) applications.

Bruce blogs on the topics of ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Turning Adversity to Advantage’ at – two topics interrelated in their common thread of how people approach ‘risk.’


Leadership vs. Management

  • Leaders optimise the upside; Managers minimise the downside. Both together net more.

  • Leaders envision possibilities; Managers calculate probabilities. Both together win more.

  • Leaders focus on the ends; Managers focus on the means. Both together reach more.

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  • Leaders do the right things; Managers do things right. Doing both together is the right thing.

  • Leaders drive change; Managers maintain consistency. Both together continuously improve.

  • Leader/Manager distinction: “Leaders plant; Managers weed. Both together yield the greatest harvest.


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