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Create an Inspiring Vision and Lead by Example

Create an inspiring vision; establish shared values; give direction and set stretch goals

Manage change strategically, take risks, create change; lead change; manage resistance to change

Lead by example; practice what you preach; set an example, and share risks or hardship

Demonstrate confidence; win respect and trust without courting popularity



Empower, Inspire, and Energize People

Be enthusiastic; inspire and energize people; create a positive work environment

Empower people; delegate authority; be open to ideas; have faith in the creativity of others

Communicate openly and honestly; give clear guidelines; set clear expectations  >>>

Empathize; be willing to discuss and solve problems; listen with understanding; support and help

Build and Lead a Team

Use team approach; facilitate cooperation; involve everyone; trust your group; rely on their judgment

Bring out the best in your people; have common touch with them; coach and provide effective feedback

Permit group decision; help your team reach better decisions

Monitor progress, but don't micromanage, lead your team; avoid close supervision; do not overboss; do not dictate; lead team self-assessment