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Probiotics vs. Chemicals

Chemicals destroy natural harmony,

Probiotics restore the natural harmony


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  • Health is natural harmony, sickness is disharmony. Chemicals destroy the natural harmony. Probiotics restore the natural harmony.

  • Probiotics strengthen the immune system, chemicals destroy the immune system

  • Chemicals cause diseases, probiotics prevent diseases.

  • Chemical drugs treat but not cure. Probiotics cure by restoring natural healthy harmony.

  • Chemical drugs damage natural harmony of your body, probiotics restore and strengthen natural harmony of your body.

  • Chemical drugs treat “rotten fruits”, probiotics prevent fruits from getting rotten by making roots healthier.

  • Chemical drugs send pain to sleep quicker, but they also poison you, damage your immune system and shorten your life. Probiotics work slower, but make you healthier, strengthen your immune system and lengthen your life.


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  • Probiotics restore natural harmony, chemicals destroy natural harmony

  • Agrobiotics produce healthy food, agrochemicals produce poisoned food.

  • Pro-biotics are healthy, anti-biotics are anti-healthy.






  • Probiotics make environment healthy, chemicals destroy natural environment.

  • Probiotics eliminate dirt, chemicals redistribute dirt.

  • Probiotics produce healthy side effects, chemicals produce unhealthy side effects

  • Probiotics make air around us healthy, chemicals poison air around us


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Health 360 Healthbiotics Pro probiotics benefits Vadim Kotelnikov WorldBiotics

Probiotics (salutary bacteria) are ‘White Forces’ that combat and conquer pathogenic bacteria (‘Dark Forces’) and restore the natural healthy harmony inside and outside us.




Healthy Food  ●  Green Tea  ●  Hot Lemon Water  ●  Use Natural Spray Cleaners